What Our Students Say

“ERN played a vital role in guiding me throughout the duration of our engagement towards securing a successful application for my Bachelors’ degree. It is true that the entire process could be gruesome for majority students who are looking for a way into one of the top ranking universities in the world. When I came in contact with them, I soon realized that I might just have the precious chance of securing an admission abroad under the supervision of the Mr Omer Mirza. Thank you again for helping my achieving my aspirations and paving the pathway for future success.”

Moiz Majid
Undergraduate Degree, Royal Holloway University of London

“After I decided to apply to universities in England for my undergrad, ERN was recommended to me by several family members and friends. I couldn’t be more grateful for their support, not only for completely handling my application process that I had no experience in, and taking a massive weight off my shoulders but also for guiding me when I wasn’t too certain about which degree I wanted to pursue. I have now just completed my second year in Product Design at the University of Sussex and am extremely thankful to ERN and their team for helping me get to where I am today!”

Fariseh Akbar Mian
Undergraduate Student, University of Sussex

“The ERN initiative proved to be one of the pivotal reasons for securing a place in one of the best universities in the world and eventually pursuing my dream of becoming a Barrister. Since my O’levels, I had always dreamt of securing an admission at a prestigious university and studying law. However, given the shear level of competition spread across the world, it seemed highly unlikely that I would be able to achieve what I wanted to. Amidst the pressure of A Level results, family pressures, societal pressures and a significant amount of self-doubt, I came across Mr. Omer Mirza of ERN.

Mr. Mirza completely took upon himself to ensure that I get to go to one of the best law schools in the world. It was after our first meeting that I regained hope in something working out for me. The entire process, from our first netting to me finally getting an offer, was very smooth and liberating. ERNs systematic framework for dealing with students is very helpful and allowed me to fully understand how the process of my admission was going forward.

It’s been five years since I entered Mr. Mirzas office. Since then, I have completed my LLB (Honours) and cleared the BPTC to become a Barrister. I most definitely owe a chunk of my achievements to ERN and Mr. Omer Mirza for which I am truly grateful.”

Barristor Kabir Hashmi

“When I first went to Education Resources Network (ERN), all I knew was that I wanted to study in London. I knew absolutely nothing about the options that were available to me; I did not know about the vast array of programs, the large number of highly ranked universities, or the diversity of the paths that I could take. All of that changed when I went to ERN, as they guided me through the entire application process. They offered their support on everything from the visa application to selecting the right courses. Their meticulous process led me to pursue a BA (Honors) in Politics and Eastern European Studies from UCL. The dedication of the ERN team helped me start on my path to success, and pushed me to be just as dedicated throughout my academic endeavors.”

Scheherazade R. Husain
MPH Candidate, Brown University 2018

“I came to ERN 4 years ago to apply for my foundation and then my undergraduate. I am currently now applying for my masters again through them. There isn’t any other agency in Pakistan that will make your foundation/undergraduate/masters process easier. From visa to accommodation every single thing is coordinated. I don’t think there is any university, even the most prestigious that ERN haven’t already worked with around the world! I’ve always had such a great experience and am so greatful to their entire team for their consistency and student support.”

Aana Raisani
Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts

“ERN played a great role in helping me every step of the way through my application process for my Masters at University of Leicester. They made my application process very smooth and super easy – thumbs up for the helpful and patient Omer Mirza who answered any and every query I had. Thank you ERN for aiding me in my journey!”

Nisha Khan
Masters Graduate, University of Leicester

“It was back in early 2015 when I was in the last semester of my undergrad, and was planning to apply abroad for my masters. My cousin recommended ERN to me, and I can’t thank her enough. ERN hoped in me that I will get into the Institute of Development Studies Sussex, even at times when I lost hope. They went out of the way to help me out and to make me get into that school. They did not stop there, my visa procedure was looked after, my accommodation was booked and further gave me references which I could use there when I reach Sussex. The experience I had during my masters was truly fruitful and exemplary, which wouldn’t have been possible without ERN. I express my gratitude towards Omer Mirza whose been a brother during this whole process and wish him luck and strength to further help others to go to their dream institution. I strongly recommend ERN to students as it will always strive hard for you, leaving no stone unturned.”

Musa Asif Khan
MA Poverty and Development 2015-16 | Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

“ERN has been instrumental in me getting to where I wanted to be 4 years ago. The firm dealt very professionally with my application to the UK from its inception to conclusion. Omer Mirza made sure that I was kept at ease during one of the most stressful times of my life, and guided me through each step of the way from finding the right accommodation, to choosing the right colleges. He always went the extra mile which differentiates him from other Education consultants, this is shown with the support he provides during the tedious visa process and the post-offer stage of the university applications. Thank you ERN for being a pivotal part in my academic and professional life!”

Raja Talal Sangar
BA Politics, Economics and East European Studies, UCL
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